Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In All that You Are - Antone Oliveira Fonseca

In All that You Are - Antone Oliveira Fonseca

In all that you are
There are no untruths;
For you speak with the rare trust
Of a longtime sister as the warmful
Ease with which you listen makes me
Long less for home. Truth is only that
Which is real to one, as you are real to

In all that you are
There is much wonder;
For as the beauty of the wave is as
Uncertain as the sea itself, then so
Is the beauty of your mind. And as the
Beachcomber searches for the wave’s perfect
Then so do I search for your concreteness. Won-
Der is only that which complements the presence of
Desire, as you complement me.

In all that you are
There lacks little strength;
Looking at your whole petiteness I see
The ounce of black fold which reveals all
Of your strong womanhood. There are no words
To describe the vibration you lend to the thought
Of life. And as each second builds strength in the
Year, then so do you build strength in me.

In all that you are
There is genuine beauty;
All that you are is beauty and as the
Seasons change then so do the shades of
Your beauty, when you frown, smile, and open
Your eyes wide to laugh. Your beauty is insepar-
Able with self as it is your nature to be such. As
The night is the enhancer of the star’s beauty then
So does the world’s impurity enhance you.

In all that you are
There is great innocence;
For you draw from life only that
Which is yours as I find life guilty
Of your misgivings. And in the space
Where there lies no guilt there lies the
Whole goodness which flows from your heart
With each pulsation. As I watch you walk I can
Not help but love you more with each step for just
Being. Innocence is that which refines guilt as you
Have taught me much.

In all that you are
There is innocence, beauty, strength, wonder,
Truth, Wisdom, happiness, sadness, love,
Peace, generosity, tenderness, ambition, hope,
Compassion, purity, freshness and so much much

In all that you are
There is
A deeply
Life pulsating

You are a mountain
Climb yourself,
And let no one drag you down…

(especiallyforrjr – 4/20/1973)

Sunshine - Antone Oliveira Fonseca

Antone Oliveira Fonseca

Your beauty I only witness in my
most pleasant dreams by day
For your freshness cannot be imagined
by night

The warmth you radiate is as the swift
but ever so gentle rays of the sun
For I’ve never really met you but know
you enough to depend on seeing you and
feeling you

You not realizing how much I appreciate
your existence. And me, wishing for the
Day when you will shine only for me

Oh, why should I worry myself
there are many fish in the sea
Funny though, I do not feel like a fisherman
tonight…I did not last night…nor the
night before that…

Come to me shining one
And spill yourself
Over my troubled