Friday, January 2, 2009

Above the law? or just like us?

The way I see it what happened today means I've just about seen it all!
I was on my way to work. There was not much traffic because of the holiday. Still I took my shortcut which circumvents the main road and several lights, wrapping around and ending on a side street near a local police station.
After stopping at the stop sign, I started advancing and had to hit the break suddenly. Why? Because a two-manned police cruiser was cruising through the sign --yes by that I mean not stopping--while on a cell phone!! If he saw me I couldn't tell. Maybe I hadn't seen him. Maybe his turn signal was flashing and he had stopped just before I noticed him. Behind him now, I doubted and second quessed myself (for the greater good) right up until two blocks later he made a left turn without signalling.

sigh ... so who gives them a ticket?