Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Sometime ago...I can't say daughter introduced us to a thanksgiving go 'round. She wanted us each state what we were thankful for and encouraged our participation by tellin us there were no parameters. It was quite interesting to experience but I never felt prepared...after shopping and cooking and traveling and in front of people some.strangers... you get the idea. I often wouldn't remember that we'd be doing it until we'd Sat sown, said grace and she started with "let's share what we are thankful for this year..." 
This year while I still didn't remember until we'd sat down, said grace and she started I was ready nonetheless .  A list of things came rolling off my tongue that shocked even me - the person expressing the list.
1- A job (I remember even if you don't that I was a year unemployed--or as I prefer to say practicing for my retirement! smile)
2- A successful cross state move
3- Passing my nine-month.probation
4- A very positive review of my work and contribution to the company
5- My car and the fact that it makes it up and down the road - 22 miles each way everyday
6- Having my daughter and g-babies spend time with me this summer
There's more...much more...but this is what came to mind in that instance with my family --my daughter, my g-babies, my sister, my niece.  Thank you...Amen!