Thursday, June 25, 2009

Remember the Time...

Did you hear? Michael Jackson died...Hey it true? Is Michael Jackson dead? NO! what do you mean? Who said? I can't believe that's why I'm standing by this radio-tv-phone.

This was in some part the conversation throughout Philly within minutes of the announcement that Michael Jackson had died. When I heard, I said "NO!" NO! NO!" and the person sharing the news just nodded. We all felt the lost. I am sadder than I thought I'd be about the lost of someone I've never met face-to-face. But then again, Truly I grew up with Michael.

Remember the time - when he was the first African American to have a video (Billie Jean in 1983) on MTV? (Until Michael did any of us really watch MTV??? even with the controversy and MTV's crazy attempts to justify why--other than racism--they excluded African American artists)

Remember the time - when Michael Jackson was the first to use the music video as an art form. Changing it from watching your favorite artist sway to their own music to a theatre quality production?

Remember the time - when Michael Jackson gathered together every celebrity possible to create the "We are the World" song and video?

Remember the time - when no matter how we--they--tried no one, truly no one could moon-walk like Michael?

Michael is truly the king, not just of pop, but of his craft... Every song and every video that we know him for was his own creation. His art. His genius.

But my baby sister [CR] is right, how sad for him to die not only so young but so unhappy! Michael Jackson crossed cultures and continents; had people screaming his name and singing his tunes in a multitude of languages; sold out concerts the world over...and yet, he was clearly the most unhappy celebrity I have ever paid attention to!

How amazingly untimely and unfortunate that he died before he could be okay with himself, his life and his God. How horrible to have influenced decades of music, millions of lives and numerous careers, to have so many people feel so connected to you... and yet feel so alone and unhappy
...there are so many lessons here I'm reluctant to start the list. But let me point out two:

- Money doesn't automatically make for a happy life
- and we'd better spend time focusing on what will.

I do not want to die, but if I must, I certainly do not want to die young...I guess theres no real danger there ;-/ ...and unhappy. I am making my "to-do-to-make-me-happier-list" right now!

Michael Jackson - I'm sorry you are gone...I am grateful you were here.

Please, Michael... Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things you might not know I like

1- trees (actual trees, pictures of trees)
2- hot air balloons (the colors; shapes; the possibilties)
3- daylight savings time
4- driving on open highway on a warm, sunny day

5- sunrises-sunsets (actual sunrises/sunsets, pictures of them - if you add trees to the mix then I'm really pleased!)

6- the shore/ocean
7- reading

8- needlework (counted cross stitch; sewing, crocheting; quilting -I really love it )

9- pictures of a little girl and boy (it makes me think of my son & daugther)

10- rice
11- bread
12- chocoloate

13- ice cream (now chocolate ice cream is the best of both worlds! and if you add nuts I'm in heaven!)

14 - warm breezes on my skin
15- the sound a lit match makes when it has been thrown into water
16- learning things - just about anything
17- gadgets/technology

18- plants (you probably knew this already); (truly its the leaves -the many shapes, sizes and ways that new ones appear; and the various shades of green and of course the shades of red!)

19- Hugging ( hugging and being hugged - kisses too :-D )

20- seeing men with their children