Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nap Time...?

Last weekend I was tired! The kind of tired that you can't see or think straight. The kind of tired that makes you so loopy and out of it that you can't image why people do drugs, thus rendering themselves this way on purpose! Yes I was that tired! but I had stuff to do. The kind of stuff-to- do that has already gone undone for days ( who am I kidding - weeks) and must get done now. The kind of stuff-to-do that if it goes undone one more day it will make the impending week worst than the week past--which I might add--was bad enough!

Needing a nap made me remember how much I hated it when my mother sent me and my sisters upstairs, to our rooms to nap. No matter how we protested - no matter the logic ...she had an answer - they went something like this:

Me (or one of my sisters): None of my friends take naps!
Mommy: Well I'm not your friends' mother

Me (or one of my sisters): I'm not tired.
Mommy: then just lay there quietly;

Or my personal favorite - you don't have to go to sleep - seriously?

But like or not last weekend the overriding reality was that I needed a nap or more specifically someone (MOMMY!) to make me take one! And so I found myself longing for my mother to take over ; to shuffle me off to bed no matter my logic (but I have stuff-to-do) or protests (but who else will do it?) and MAKE me take a nap!