Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Clothes shoppng - Spring 2013

So with lots of encouragement and a more than a little professional assistance, I am brave enough to venture out on my own, to shop for clothes.

It is spring and even I --the novice-- knows and can appreciate the value of a crisp, white blouse. I'm told they are an essential part of any well appointed wardrobe, that they can dress up any pair of slacks and of course, allow you to be ready and dressed with little angst or forethought. Essential.

I'm told that the side tie is flattering, as well as, the blouses with the fit and flare seams--two in the back and/or two in the front.

But every one I own, as well as every one I try on, makes me look flawed --to my own self. Flawed --you know-- rounder than our mind's eye can accept, believe, or translate to reality. I mean, usually when I stand in the mirror, I am able to explain the flaws to say to myself, "not bad, considering".

So I'm just saying, that if I  try on a blouse where even I can't explain the body flaws, then clearly, there something wrong with the blouse!