Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cute in the Cold

     First let me say, " I know better". But the weather was so nice, and my outfit was nice too. I really like suit jackets and jeans; a scarf... maybe a necklace, shades. So grown, so pulled together. and yes I can make it from the car right into the store without putting on that coat...this time...the next time and the next. And that time after I promised my friend that it was indeed time to wear coats consistently. Well, as they say ...I had to pay the piper... and pay I did.
     Last week, let's just say I felt it coming and still had no idea how bad it'd be. I was cold and hot. I ached everywhere. My blood hurt. 
     Today ...five days later... is the first day I've felt anywhere close to my normal human self. And yes, I did too much. But in my defense, I believe getting dressed was probably too much! 'cause by mid day I was ready to crawl back in the bed and try again tomorrow! 
     and yes, I'm wearing my coat, scarf and a hat...even if just going from the car right into the store!

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